A Full day is 5 hours However we can cater to your needs Give us a call.
609-317-3929 / 215-301-2079

Sure! While most of our deliveries are done in the morning we  will do our best to arrange our delivery schedule around your schedule. While we cannot accommodate these requests every time, we will work with you to ensure that you are not inconvenienced

Unfortunately, no. Due to safety concerns, we are required to set up and take down every rental. This ensures your safety, as the units can be very heavy, as well as allows us an opportunity to review the rules and regulations regarding the operation of the unit. SAFETY FIRST!

Most of our units are 15′ x 15′ plus a 2′ step. This makes them approx 15′ x 17′ overall.

For our outdoor units, a 20′ x 20′ area that is semi-level, clear of any rocks, sticks, roots, etc that could puncture the bounce is required. Also, if you have an in-ground sprinkler system, make sure it is turned off and the sprinkler heads are not engaged. “could you park two cars next to each other in your yard if you had a way of getting them there?”. If the answer is  yes then we know a regular bouncer would fit. In terms of slant,  if you place a ball on the ground will it roll down hill? If it does then setting up an inflatable is unsafe.

It’s true……many apartments/townhouses don’t provide a lot of room in for a bounce. However, there are alternatives. Some potential ideas:

  • Use a relatives house for the party
  • If for a birthday, combine parties with your child’s friend that has a birthday close to your child’s. Think about contacting your Church, Masjid, Synagogue or local YMCA to host your party.
  • County parks can usually be used for parties. There is generally a small hourly fee associated with this (usually something like $5 – $20/hour). We have generators for rent.

Depends on the size of the bounce and the bouncers, however we provide the following maximum capacity numbers.

8 AND UNDER   _______ 10
8 AND OVER ___________8
Teens _________________5
Adults _________________3

The location that we wish to use is not close to electrical power, I guess we can’t have a bounce?

Don’t let that stop you. We have generators available for only $100, including a full tank of fuel, that will power most units for at least 8 hours.

If the local forecast is calling for high winds or heavy rain (> 15 MPH), or rain on the morning of your reservation, we will contact you via phone to reschedule your reservation for another day of your choice. All payments, including payments in full are non refundable but transferrable to another date.  Rescheduling is based on availability for the day requested. If you feel that rain or wind is a concern, please bring this to our attention PRIOR to your bounce being set up. No Refunds once the bouncer is set up

Party Moonbounce.com reserves the right to cancel a rental  based on safety concerns,

Definitely! Due to the high cost of insurance, there are many companies out there that choose to not carry insurance coverage. However, at PartyMoonBounce, we believe that this is the most important requirement for running a moonbounce rental business. As such, we are fully insured with a liability insurance policy covering injury due to Party MoonBounce’s gross negligence. This .statement in no way implies legal responsibility. Please read your rental agreement. We are happy to provide a copy of our insurance binder upon request.

As you know with a party reservation we hold that attraction just for you 🙂 Cancellation without due notice will result in additional charges. Deposits are never returned. All costume reservations are non refundable. We reserve the right to cancel any party due to non communication on party day. Non communication party cancellations usually are 50-100% of the party fee.

Same day cancellation will result in full charge for your party.

All mascot costumes are to be shipped or returned the 4th day of the rental. If costumes are not returned we will charge $25 per day until the mascot is returned. If there is no communication we will charge the full replacement cost of the mascot and an additional rental fee.